Honda Personal Loan & Personal Contract Purchase

Simple. Flexible. Convenient.

Personal Loan (VPL)

With a VPL it's as simple as it comes. You decide on a deposit, the repayment terms and monthly payment. They are then fixed, so you know how much your Honda costs each month until it's paid off.

1. Renew*

Part exchange for a new model. You can use any excess value over the GMFV towards your deposit.

2. Retain*

Should you still be in love with your bike, you can keep it. Simply pay the agreed GMFV, even if your bike is worth more.

3. Return*

As long as the bike is in good condition and has not exceeded the agreed mileage, you can return it to us and have nothing more to pay.

Finance to suit you

Tailored to your circumstances, Honda Finance is designed to help you buy a Honda in the easiest way possible. None of those fussy forms or intrusive questions. Instead, simple, flexible and convenient finance. There are two ways you can finance your Honda:

Honda Aspirations (PCP - Personal Contract Purchase)

1. You decide on the model in exactly the same way.
2. We then calculate a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value for your bike.
3. We deduct this future value from the price of the bike and your monthly payments are based on what's left.
4. So your repayments and terms are less then traditional finance, making it more often. PLUS at the end of the agreement you know what your bike's minimum future value will be.*

Once you have paid all your monthly payments you have 3 choices*:

1. You can pay the GMFV and retain your Honda.
2. You can return and hand back your Honda at no extra charge.*
3. You can part exchange and renew it for a new Honda. Retain, Return or Renew. The choice is yours.*

Personal Loan (VPL)

1. You decide how much depsoit you want to pay.
2. We calculate for you how much you want your fixed monthly payment to be and over how long.

So you know up front how much your Honda will cost you each month, ubtil it's paid off.

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