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Mon, 04 Nov 2013


The NC700X – launched two years ago as a brand new model, part of a 3-bike platform – has achieved an impressive level of sales, becoming one of the best selling motorcycles in Europe. Its combination of torque-laden parallel twin-cylinder engine, frugal fuel economy and tough adventure-style chassis, riding position and looks has won it recognition from thousands of customers as a superb, stylish do-it-all tool.

Launched as a Fun Crossover Commuter concept from Honda, loaded with a great deal of fresh thinking and new technologies, its sheer all-round competence – with convenient details like helmet storage space where the fuel tank would normally be – made it a truly useful motorcycle both for day-to-day living and weekend touring.

For 2014, the NC750X is the next evolution - a bike designed to offer more of what every rider liked about the original NC700X, and nothing less.